Techne Futbol Partnership

We are delighted to announce our partnership with training app Techne Futbol.

Techne is an industry leading training app which guides players in their individual training, giving easy-to-follow home training sessions.

Techne Futbol (or “Techne” for short) was created by former NWSL and US Women’s National Team player Yael Averbuch. Techne was designed based on her journey, as well as those of many former and current professional players on both technical and mental training aspects.

The Techne app tracks player’s time by timing themselves using the app timer for 1, 2, or 3 minutes as they train at each drill. Then the time is added to their training log and they can repeat the drill or continue to the next.

> A lot of the drills have ‘Level Up’ and/or ‘Level Down’ options and players are encouraged to work at their skill level. Techne is utilized by many soccer clubs, and Her Game Too Training Centre is proud to offer licenses for all members, included in their membership fee.

For the Centre’s co-founder, Charlotte Galloway, Techne was an obvious choice: “There are a few ‘at home’ programmes out there but Techne was the clear and obvious choice for us to use. I’ve used it myself, mainly when I was looking to level up my technical skills to play for a better team. The fact that it’s a woman-led company meant that Techne was the perfect partner for our Training Centre.”

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11 September 2023

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