Frequently Asked Questions

I have never played football before, can I attend?

Yes! We run sessions aimed at developing fundamental football skills in a fun and low-pressure, judgement-free environment

I already play for a club, can I still attend?

Of course! Our training sessions have a technical focus and will complement your club training.

Can I bring a friend/team-mate/family member?

Yes, they’re more than welcome. We would ask if they could register here (link) prior to attending as having an accurate idea of numbers helps us to better plan sessions.

Can parents/friends/family members watch?

Yes, there is a sheltered seating area that they are welcome to watch from

What footwear do I need?

The surface is 3G artificial grass so astroturf or firm ground/artificial grass boots are advised. You can get away with trainers at first but the pitch can be slippy when wet.

Please don’t wear metal studs. If you wear adult sizes, ask us about our partnership with IDA, who make women’s specific football boots!

What clothing should I wear?

You don’t need any specific women’s football kit to play, you are welcome to wear any sports clothing which is appropriate for the weather. We have HGT Centre kit available to order once you’ve joined, however this is not essential

What if I can’t make every session?

No problem, we appreciate our players have a lot of other commitments, so there is no obligation to attend every week.

I don’t live in Cardiff, do you offer sessions anywhere else?

We currently only run sessions at our Cardiff & Vale College site, however as we grow we are looking into other venues. If you think there would be interest in a session near you, email us (link) and we would be happy to discuss this.

I’m looking for a team, can you help?

We don’t have an affiliated team, however there are always local womens & girls football teams looking for players. We would be happy to signpost you to local clubs, or you can come along to a session, meet and chat with other members and find out if their clubs are recruiting.

What are the costs?

The monthly fee is £30. this gives you weekly training sessions for 44 weeks a year, with the cost spread over 12 months.

This includes weekly training sessions and your Techne Futbol license, which gives you a home training program. The full list of benefits can be found here

Do you run during school holidays?

We aim to run for 44 weeks of the year. We will stop for two weeks at Christmas, two weeks over Easter and two weeks during summer holidays. We will inform all members of any upcoming cancellations.

How do I pay? Is there a minimum commitment?

Payment is by Direct Debit via GoCardless and can be cancelled at any time should you wish to leave the centre.

Is this a football academy?

Football academies are a specific training centre, usually affiliated with a club or national governing body. Academies will be selective in players they recruit. We are not an academy, our training sessions are for everyone, regardless of ability. If your daughter is looking to get into a local football academy or the Cardiff and Vale schools training, our sessions will help her develop her skills and stand a better chance of being selected.

Free taster session

Simply register with us so we know to expect you, and then turn up to the Monday evening session that fits you best.

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